Wheatear stitch

Wheatear stitch

Wheatear stitch is a variation of the Reverse Chain stitch. It is embroidered between two parallel lines with V-shaped stitches between Chain stitches.

This stitch can be made in a row with the stitches attached close to each other or as a Detached Wheatear stitch.

Wheatear stitch front and back sideWheatear stitch front and back side

Applications of the Wheatear stitch

  • This simple yet decorative hand embroidery stitch is excellent for borders and decorating the seams. It works well on straight and curved lines. Besides that, you can add beads to this stitch to make it even more decorative.
  • Wheatear stitch is widely used in floral embroideries for its wheat-like shape. You can add some Backstitches under the Wheatear stitches group and create a grain plant.
  • The rows of Wheatear stitches stacked close to each other, facing opposite directions, with the straight stitches overlapping, create an exciting pattern for filling.
  • Detached Wheatear stitches can be used as decorative stitches independently, or you can group them to create interesting filling patterns.
  • This hand embroidery can be used for couching thicker yarns.

How to embroider Wheatear stitch

How to embroider Wheatear stitch step-by-stepHow to embroider Wheatear stitch step-by-step

  • Start embroidering from the top downwards.
  • Make two diagonal stitches that form a V.
  • Come up in the center between the lines one stitch under and make a reverse chain stitch, passing under both diagonal stitches.
  • If you are embroidering Detached Wheatear stitches, stop here and make a new stitch.

Step-by-step hand embroidery tutorialStep-by-step hand embroidery tutorial

  • If you want to continue with the row of the stitches, come up on the left near a chain stitch and make a diagonal stitch down to the same point where the chain stitch ends.
  • Make one more diagonal stitch on the right.
  • Come up in the center one stitch under and make a reverse chain stitch, passing under both diagonal stitches and the previous chain stitch.
  • Continue like this until you finish the marked line.

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Video tutorial

If you are a visual learner, watch a video tutorial where I demonstrate how to embroider Detached Wheatear stitch and Wheatear stitch in a row below or on the Practical Embroidery YouTube channel.

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